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There are three ways you can donate to Awake & Alive.

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A Word From Our Sponsors

“Our family is so in love with the two children that we are supporting! We have their pictures hanging up so we all can see them and remember to pray for them. Our middle school daughter even asked to have their pictures so she can hang them in her locker at school. Supporting these children has been such a blessing to us because it helps us to remember all the blessings we have in America and helps our kids to learn what it is like for these children who are trying to survive in the circumstances they were born into.”


 “How magical sponsorship can be, my story is unique in the way that my sponsorship lead me to adoption. It was the path God intended me to travel and he gently introduced this into my life through sponsorship. I now sponsor a child, which is a student at Bright Future Academy, she is a precious gift. The rewards in giving far outweigh any receiving. To know she and her mother have the medicines, food, education to better their lives… it’s simply God’s will.”


“Just when you think your heart can’t grow any larger, room is made for a special little child thousands of miles away. Blessings are created in many ways…as my contribution provides education, she teaches me about what really matters. As my support allows for simple comforts, she shows me what it means to be truly thankful. Our lives have been enriched by one another and I’m grateful to Awake and Alive for identifying someone to love unconditionally.”


“What an awesome way to show love! Bruk has brought us so much joy. We look forward to the letters and pictures that are sent. We feel blessed!”