About Us

Awake & Alive is a champion for educating children in Ethiopia, Africa. The children and families served by Awake & Alive in the Kechene slum (located in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa) are among the poorest and most marginalized people in Ethiopia. Some call them cursed, Awake & Alive calls them blessed.


Awake & Alive was founded in Goshen, Indiana by two adoptive mothers—Danielle Black and Jolene Shrock. To further its purpose, Awake & Alive has partnered with Bright Future Ethiopia, a highly reputable Ethiopian nonprofit organization. In 2012 Awake & Alive and Bright Future opened Bright Future Academy in Kechene for 35 of the poorest and most marginalized children in Ethiopia.

Today, Bright Future Ethiopia provides an education and two meals a day to 193 children, a large majority of which are orphans or half-orphans. In addition, Bright Future provides medical and general health education for the widows of the half-orphan students.

Partnering with Bright Future to open an academy has been no small feat, but Awake & Alive has much bigger dreams for the people of Kechene and beyond.