Holistic education & economic literacy = profound community impact = global opportunities. Every dollar counts!

The 44 Campaign

The 44 Campaign ranges for $44.00 to $4,400 and gives a simple visual of how different increments of 44 support Bright Future Academy.
$44 = School supplies/meals for 1 child for a month (you can set up automatic monthly donations)
$440 = Rent for the entire school for one month
$4,400 = Teachers salaries for the year

Monthly Giving

Can’t give one lump sum? No worries, you can sign up for monthly donations by clicking on the donation button to the right. Our team of monthly supporters is vital to Bright Future Academy, we’d love to have you join us on a monthly basis.

Student Sponsorship

Watching a child’s life transform is a remarkable experience. You can witness that through our student sponsorship program here. Your monthly donation of $44 provides school supplies, two meals per day, health and medical attention, and a monthly food stipend for the student’s family. We work very hard to provide opportunities for you to interact with the student–including letters, pictures, and Skype opportunities when Awake & Alive staff are in Ethiopia. Some sponsors have even made the trip to Ethiopia to meet the student. You can learn more about traveling with us to Ethiopia here.

Thank you!

Truly, thank you for your compassion and love for the children of Ethiopia. Awake & Alive is a tax exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible. You can donate by clicking the button on the right. Thank you for your generosity!

Stay in Touch

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