Without Awake & Alive’s supporters, the children of
Kechene would not be receiving the education and
tools needed to break the cycle of poverty. We’re
excited for you to join us.

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You’re young, you-re talented, and we want to join us! Awake & Alive is looking for students that want to change lives and have fun doing it. When you sign up to be an AAdvocate, We’ll give you the tools to spread the word and raise the funds to give children hope and a future.

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Understanding international affairs is essential in a shrinking world.Awake & Alive believes it is just as essential for children to learn about the world outside of international business.

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We believe it’s a win-win when organisation are active in higher education. That’s why we are excited to invite you to fulfill school projects or set your resume or college application apart(think of listing a fundraising campaign of $50,000 on a resume or application).

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