Project Presence 2020

There is nothing like making a difference in the lives of others. Inevitably, your desire to  help results in being changed and helped yourself! Since my (Danielle’s) first trip to Africa in  1995, I have been shaped and moved and CHANGED because of my opportunities overseas.

Awake and Alive​’s Project Presence trips have always been first and foremost about  debunking myths of inadequacy and unworthiness for the people in the community of  Kechene in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We do this through building relationships and serving in  a variety of ways. Here are some basic details about what we plan to do summer 2020.


June 15-25, 2020 (Give or take a day or  two on either end = 10 days total) 


​*​$3300. This includes all expenses except  food traveling to/from Ethiopia & expenses  to get you ready (i.e. passport/shots). 

Specific Goals:

  •  Teach BFA and tutorial students  English through songs & crafts
  •  Visit/volunteer at a local orphanage
  •  Visit student homes
  •  Visit the Women’s Empowerment  Project and encourage the mothers
  •  Take pictures of students and  update information to pass on to  their sponsors back in America


While we’re in Addis Ababa, we stay at the
Addis Regency Hotel 


March 1 = Application due
April 1 = $1800 due to book plane tickets
May 15 = Balance Due

For more information

Email Danielle Black at ​​ OR 574-849-4347