Ethiopia 2020 Trip – Bennett Blazo

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Sintayehu Biresaw.

That is the name of the child that Kelsey and I sponsor in Ethiopia. The name that I am getting more excited to say when I get to meet him in June. On June 15th, 2020 I plan to join a good friend of mine, Danielle Black co-founder of Awake & Alive, on a mission trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I have been praying about going on this trip ever since we started sponsoring Sintayehu and I am excited to take part in this wonderful opportunity to go to Ethiopia this year.

Awake & Alive’s mission is to reach out to the needs of the children and women in the Kechene slum (located in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa) and ensuring that they have access to free education, food, and medical care and a better future. Their Project Presence trips have always been centered around debunking myths of inadequacy and unworthiness for the people in the community of Kechene, who are considered some of the poorest people in Ethiopia. These trips do this through building relationships and serving in a variety of ways. More specifically, the trip this June has goals of teaching fine arts and tutoring students in English through songs & crafts, visiting/volunteering at a local orphanage, touring student homes, visiting the Women’s Empowerment Project, and even helping with providing jobs to the mothers of the students.

I plan to run the Indy Mini on May 2, 2020 as a way to raise awareness for my trip to Ethiopia. Team members are responsible to provide $3,300.00 needed for airfare and in-country costs. With the money raised to help offset some costs for the trip, you will be helping me get to Africa to assist Awake & Alive in accomplishing the goals that they want to address while making a Presence there..

Thank you for reading this letter and I hope you will consider helping me raise money. I will be traveling June 15th – June 25th. If you have any questions about Awake & Alive or donating to my trip, you can call or text me at 614-795-8065 or e-mail at